System Progressive Protection Removal

System Progressive Protection is a virus known as malware that pretends to be a real antivirus client.  The trick this client attempts to pull of is to trick users that they have have 100′s of virus on the computer and that they now need to purchase the System Progressive Protection client in order to remove therm.  In just about all computer infected with this virus they will not be able to use and antivirus client to remove the threat because System Progressive Protection blocks them from installing and running. The way around this is to boot into safe mode with networking and run the antivirus software.

For detailed information and a video showing you exactly how to remove this threat 100% for free we recommend Guide.

One of the best ways to remove this virus is to stop the main .exe from running then deleting the file.  The real hard part with this method is finding the name of the file and the location.  For most people the file will be located under the User account and then under appdata folder.

Often times the best thing to do is just try a System Restore.  We have found that this works with many malware traces.  Another idea is to log into a different account and run a full virus scan.  This method works very well and is simple to try.

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FBI Green Dot Moneypak Removal

FBI Green Dot MoneyPak is a internet malware strike that is happening right now. There are people who are having lots of computer trouble due to this infection. The most scary thing about it, is people think the FBI is after them. The truth is, this is all a scam. the sole purpose is to make money from scaring people. Most of the noticeable effects of this threat look authentic. The best thing you can do to restore your computer is delete this threat from your computer all the way. All the warnings that pop up are fake and are not real.

How FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Infects Computers

This program is what is known as malware. Unfortunately, there is more than one mode of transmission for it. Some people will end up being tricked into downloading the threat on to their computer. The reason is because they are thinking it’s a safe, and useful program. In this case people don’t understand they are infected until they begin to see the symptoms. The second way this is transmitted is from security weakness. This could mean several things. It could mean the security updates for your computer are not current. This is why it is important to install all the security patches for your operating system. This could also mean there is not adequate antivirus protection install on your computer. Having a legitimate program installed on your computer is a long term plan of protection against online attacks like this one. If you don’t have one, these malware threats can take advantage of that and infect your system.

Is there Damage caused by FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Now?

This  malware is not deleting files on your computer or stealing personal information. It will take over your computer and prevent it from running anything but the infection. Don’t waste your money. As long as the threat is actively running, then your computer will stay inaccessible. You will need to stop the threat from running by deleting the right files. You will notice that your computer’s webcam (if you have one) is turned on and takes photos. Don’t be afraid, it’s all just a trick. Delete this malware now.

FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Manual Removal Tips

The very first thing, and most important, is to erase the malware’s executable.  Nothing will be able to be done until this step is complete. Deleting this file means that you have essentially stopped the threat from taking over your computer system. most important thing to do first is to stop the executable from running on your computer. You will need to know that the file will be different on different computers but will look like a weird “virus-Filename.exe.” It’s very important you know where to look to find it.

File Locations

Make sure that you select hidden files and folders when you start to look for this executable. These hidden parts are where you will have to start because it’s more than likely stored there. If you don’t have this selected, you might have a hard time locating this file.

Windows Vista/7:

Search for the file for the malware with these paths

  • C:UsersUSER NAMEAppData
  • C:UsersUSER NAMEAppDataLocal.

1. Use the sort by date option to narrow your search. The actual file should be renamed because no file can be erased if currently in use. Browse through the file locations and hidden files and folders. Click the file. It will be easy to identify because it won’t look like the rest at all. Once you find the file then rename it and promptly restart your computer. Delete it after that.

2. Another option is try to use Safe Mode to boot your computer. You can locate the file in the same way with the same file paths. Safe Mode with Networking . Once you do that you may be able to erase the file. Use the file paths given above. You can also use “Safe Mode with Networking”. After the file is deleted, find an antivirus program you can trust to stop this from happening again.

3. Use a different user account to sign into your computer. Then follow the same steps to delete the malware off the system.

4. Task Manager may be of some assistance when trying to erase this malware. Pull up Task Manager. As soon as you sign in stop the process. Erase the executable as fast as possible.

5. Command prompt can be used to delete the file and stop the it from running. Stop the task and the erase the file using file locations.


FBI Green Dot MoneyPak is not causing very much damage to the computer it’s on. It is high jacking it and you will not have your computer back until it is deleted from the system complete. It’s extremely important to do a full system scan after the virus is removed. This will ensure the malware is gone from the computer and also that there are not other infections installed that you didn’t know about. Follow the full removal guide for video, program and other help over at


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Cashmere Gifts for Christmas

With so many things to buy this year it can be hard to find the right thing. Also, if you have a budget you have to stay within, there are still some very nice options out there for you. Here’s some help on your holiday shopping- all within your budget.

Cashmere for Christmas 2012

Tip #1 Shop on the Internet and Not in Stores

One of the most luxurious materials on the market is cashmere. It feels good, looks great and lasts for a very long time when taken care of properly. Now, you can use the internet to shop this season and get the best prices possible. The internet offers discounts that can’t be found in stores.

Tip #2 Get Useful Items

Items that can be used after the holidays are the best gifts to give. These are the things that keep on giving because of their practical value. For example cashmere sweaters are a great idea because people can wear them to work and for on their own time. Also, you can buy the sweater that fits each personality in your family and you’ll never have to worry about giving the same item to everyone. Each item has its own distinct look and personality and is a stand out.

Tip #3 Turn Boring into Beautiful

Have you ever heard of getting socks for Christmas? Everyone thinks it’s boring. However, there is a way to turn this age old idea into something fabulous. Now, you can give the best cashmere socks and no one will think it’s a bad idea. This is another flexible idea that will enable you to get the gift that matches the personalities in your family.

It’s a great idea to use the internet to your advantage and save money while you are doing all your holiday shopping. Check this Squidoo shopping guide out.


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Remove Personal Protector 2013

Personal Protector 2013 is a fake antivirus program.  This kind of rogue application is known as malware.  It is a type of computer virus.

The purpose of this program is to show false and exagerated scan results in an effort to trick and scare the user into making a purchase of the program.

There are a wide number of ways to remove Personal Protector 2013 from your computer.  The most common one is to use an antivirus software program like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.  Using a good antivirus client can save a lot of time and frustration.

This Personal Protector 2013 virus will often block the install of antivirus programs.  You may have to boot into safe mode with networking in order to install the client.

If you are looking for a manual removal guide that is free then check out This guide covers multiple free ways of removing this virus client.

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Regain Access to Social Networks: Bypass Proxy Server

Sometimes, schools and businesses will block computers in the establishment from accessing certain websites that are for social purposes. Websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and others can be restricted from users to get to.

Part of the reason to make sure these sites are restricted is for protective purposes as well as to make sure students and employees are spending their time wisely while working or studying.

Choose a Proxy That is Safe

If you want to get onto social networks or other websites, then you can. All you have to do is use a bypass proxy server to help you. You can find one using the internet. Simply type in any search engine “Bypass proxy server’. You will see results. There is a word of advice everyone should follow. Just because a proxy is free doesn’t mean it’s safe. It’s highly recommended that you actually use a proxy that is priced fairly. This will help to reduce the chances of you getting a virus. This doesn’t mean that all free proxies are bad, it just means that caution is necessary.

How a Bypass Proxy Server Works

The way users are blocked from sites is through the IP address. Specific IP addresses are blocked. So, when you use a proxy server, it is in the middle of the website you’re trying to gain access to and the computer. If your IP address is restricted, then you won’t be able to navigate the site. When a proxy is used, then the IP address of the proxy is used instead of the restricted IP of the computer. This is the way you can gain access to any website you want at any time.

If your computer has slowed over time then you will need to use a registry cleaner like PC Health Advisor Review. If you caught a virus, then you will need a virus protective program to remove it and block these virus attempts in the future. Use PC Tools.

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XP Defender 2013 | Remove this Virus Threat

The internet is a haven for programs that infect people. These programs are getting more sophisticated and are increasing in number as days goes on. Due to the threat of virus infection, it is necessary for everyone to have a well known antivirus protection program on their computer. If this program is installed on your computer then chances of it being attacked is lessened. There is a new threat XP Defender 2013. It’s designed to trick people into thinking it’s a program to protect computers. It’s actually a virus.

XP Defender 2013 Info

XP Defender 2013 is malware. This program is not what it looks like. It’s a program that will block all other programs installed on the computer from executing. This infection is extremely frustrating. This particular virus relies on computers not being adequately protected. It’s able to remote install on the computers it targets and infects. Don’t be fooled by this program. It’s a virus and you should take every precaution to erase it.

How Did XP Defender 2013 Infect Me ?

This rogueware is one that uses a well known way to remote install on computers. Zero-day exploits are the main way infection is passed along. This means that Flash, web browsers and Java can all be vulnerable. Because this virus can remote install, many people don’t know when they are being attacked. It will take advantage of any computer that doesn’t have protection. No antivirus protection means viruses that take advantage of the lack of security will be on your system before you know it.

Is XP Defender 2013 Damaging my PC?

The good news is this virus is not stealing stored computer data, login information, or passwords. Your banking information is safe and you don’t have to worry about losing anything. There also is not damage being done to the actual system. The worse of this is the virus will take over your computer. Until this virus is removed you will not be able to run any other program except for the virus.

XP Defender 2013 Manual Removal Resources

There are two ways you can erase this virus. You can use a virus removal guide for a step by step tutorial on how you can find the necessary files to delete. This must be done very carefully. Deleting the wrong files can lead to permanent computer damage. There are also automatic programs that will remove this threat completely. It mandatory to also scan the computer if you remove this rogueware manually.

Here is the along with manual removal program suggestion. Get professional help from the computer ninjas. They do good work at


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Smart HDD – How to Remove

What is Smart HDD?

SmartHDD is a fake security client. This particular threat does not cause as much damage as other viruses we have see. It can, however, be a very hard one to remove for some people. This program passes itself off as a beneficial program. It’s a virus disguised as a protective antivirus program. It’s a fake.

This virus is also a clone of other false pc optimization programs. It has been liked to Check Disk, HDD Defragmenter, HDD Plus, Hard Drive Diagnostic, and more. The best thing you can do is delete this virus off your computer. It’s always a bad idea to let these programs sit on your computer once you know about them.

How Did I get infected with Smart HDD?

You can get this virus if your web browser is not updated and you can get infected by downlaI was able to get this threat installed automatically on a system that was using an outdated web browser and having no Antivirus client on the test machine. It’s very possible users may of been tricked into installing this virus thinking it was something else.

What Smart HDD Looks Like

smart hdd removal

How Much Damage is Smart HDD Doing?

There is good news for infected users. This virus will not erase your personal files. There is also good news in that there is not a keylogger associated with it. So your passwords and login information is safe at this time.

The bad news is, if you have this virus then chances are you may have other infections as well. This is why you should remove it the best and safest way possible.

How to Delete Smart HDD?

One way is to use a manual virus removal guide. This can be used for novices and pros to remove SmartHDD from the computer by searching for the guide and following the wasy to understand step by step process. Look here for more info.

The second way is to use an antivirus software (you may still need to follow the manual guide to start so you can install a client). Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is what I have learned will work from being infected with this. Read the review here.

The third way is hire some professional help to remove it if it gets too hard.


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Windows Antimalware – How to Remove

What is Windows Anti-Malware Patch ?

Windows Anti-Malware Patch is a variation of a scareware program. People are tricked into downloading this program because it looks like an antivirus program. It is not a real antivirus program and it does not protect computer systems at all.

How Did I get infected with Windows Anti-Malware Patch ?

The scareware programs come from advertisements on the internet that are infected with the code. They appear on webpages and attack people without them even being aware they are being attacked.

This virus will infiltrate a weakened computer security system. If your system is not fully updated and you don’t have an antivirus program to block these viral attempts, then the virus can install itself on to your computer.

What Does Windows Anti-Malware Look Like?

Windows Anti-Malware Patch

What is Windows Anti-Malware Patch Doing to My Computer Right Now?

This program will deliver fake notifications. It will produce a lot of errors and pop ups to scare people. In fact, some people actually believe these errors are real. They are not. These errors are all fake and they should not be acted on at all.  This virus will also disassociate executables in your computer registry and change your browser settings. Take the next step to delete this virus. Once you erase this virus from your computer, it should begin to run the programs normally. Your computer can be restored to it’s previous state after all traces of this infection are gone.

How to Delete Windows Antimalware Patch

There are two separate ways you can erase this virus from a computer. The first method is a manual removal. This means you go into your computer, search for the virus file, then delete it. The best way to do is safely is by using a virus removal guide. Look here for more.

The second way to remove this virus from your computer is using an automatic removal method. This involves using a program that will take this virus off your computer for you. It’s a good method for people who are not really good at making changes to computers and for people who don’t have time for a manual removal. Here’s the program information.


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Internet Security 2012 – How to Remove It

There are all kinds of unsavory things on the internet today. It’s almost impossible to get away from viruses on the web. This is why it’s important to have something that’s working to protect you when you are online. Internet Security 2012 is a malware infection that is on the web. This malware threat is annoying and it should be deleted as soon as the user aware this is on their computer.

What is Internet Security 2012?

Internet Security 2012 is another progeny of a very long line of other malicious computer threats. It’s been on the wen for half a decade. It just gets continuously re-released under different names to keep people unaware that this is the same virus threat.

Spyware Protection, Security Protection, Home Personal Antivirus, Win PC Antivirus and more are all this very same threat with a different name. There are a lot more, too.

Internet Security 2012 is a fake security program that appears to end users as a Graphic User Interface.  However, after it gets on to your computer it will start to generate errors and scary notifications. These will pop up one after another. It will seen very real and can be scary for people who don’t know this is just a trick. All of the reports that are generated are all FAKE. Every one of them.

Internet Security 2012

How did I get the Virus?

The most likely mode of transmission for Internet Security 2012 is the user downloaded it because they thought it was a video codec or a security update for their system. Also, if there is no antivirus protection on the computer then the computer is completely open to the viruses that can detect this weakness.

What is Internet Security 2012 Doing to My Computer Right Now?

Internet Security 2012 does not do anything to the personal files you have stored. It will not get to your banking information at all.  You do have to erase this threat. If  you don’t you will be stuck with a computer that is not running right. This virus blocks the programs on your pc from running. If you delete the virus you can restore you computer and programs back to the previous state.

How Do I Delete Internet Security 2012?

Use the virus removal guide at This Youtube account has reliable virus removal information for popular threats, free.


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Remove System Protection Tools

System Protection Tools is a security program that tricks users into thinking it’s real. In reality it is a fake security program and it’s an old one. This is not a new threat, but it is one that just will not die. It has been re-invented and re-released over time. Even the name of the virus has changes in various stages. It’s still causing users a lot of trouble in the virtual world.

The makers of this virus wants you to believe Microsoft made the program. This is not a Microsoft product at all. When you figure out you are infected with this virus then you need to make every effort to remove it completely from your computer system.

How This Virus Infected Your PC

The installation of this malware is a trick installation. It may have posed as a safe version of an update or video software that is useful. This program is also capable of doing drive by installations. All this means is it can install on a system without the user even being aware until it’s too late. If your computer has a good antivirus program is should be strong enough to block these installs. If it installed anyway then you need to find a stronger antivirus client that protects better.

Remove System Protection Tools Resources

1. System Protection Tools Removal Guide on Hubpages

2. Software and Services to help you remove System Protection Tools

3. System Protection Tools Video on

You never want to get caught without adequate protection online. The importance of staying safe online is increasing. Find a reputable antivirus program to protect you all the time. You risks on contracting online viruses like this one will dramatically decrease. Your personal protection and computer system are definitely safer with this installed than not. Don;t but yourself at unnecessary risk.


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