Windows AntiBreach Patrol Removal Guide

The infection of Windows AntiBreach Patrol is being noticed when the exposure give way to a hacker to control your computer. It is a dangerous software for it is a computer parasite that can allow to imitates a system scan and has false reports on system security threats or even infections, which will make you believe you computer is corrupt with adware, Trojan, worms, spyware, and other harmful software.

Deceiving Tactics:

• The developers of Windows AntiBreach Patrol aim to make the users feel uneasy believing that ther computer is undoubtfully infected.
• They will offer an infection removal as soon as they showed to you the false results.
• This may sound a relief, but you need to pay first to get full version of the removal of infection (as they say it).
• It can also make you think that your computer have several security issues. When you are login to Windows, Windows AntiBreach Patrol will give misleading result that can allow to display on your screen countless security notifications of your suppose to be infected computer.
• It can use real names of any worms, viruses, and other infections to make this scam looked real.
Take note that Windows AntiBreach Patrol is not capable to do any kind of security related functions once installed in your computer. So every results it displayed are all fake. When you see such alarming result, first you don’t click anything to contact them and buy the fake solution it offers.

Again, this is a dangerous software but useless when it comes to removing infection! Everything it generates, from security warnings and alerts to scanning results are all fabricated and you don’t need to trust them.


Removal of Windows AntiBreach Patrol on Windows (7, 8, Vista and XP)

1. Once your computer is infected, it won’t allow you to run the removal tool, so you need to go around it. For this, you need to reboot your PC to be able to switch on the Safe Mode with the Command Prompt.
Restart the computer and when you hear a beep, press the F8 key.

This action will load the Windows Advanced Options menu.

Then choose the Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter key.

2. A command prompt will open once the Windows is loaded. Then type explorer.exe and click enter-key. When this is done, your desktop will be displayed and then open your Notepad, write the text below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“GuardSoftware” =-
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

Save the NotePad as fix.reg on your desktop (note: choose Save as file type: All files in Notepad).

Double click the fix.reg and to confirm, click Yes.

Reboot your computer normally on Windows mode.

3. To remove totally the related softwares on Windows AntiBreach Patrol, you need to avail reliable anti-malware download.

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